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Our premium fully assembled pizza oven, available from 32” to 44” inches, this authentic Naples-style oven is center vented for maximum heat retention and hand-tiled to your preference. A magnificent showpiece for any home!

The Vesuvio pizza oven is a Naples-style fully assembled pizza oven featuring a beautiful traditional hand tiled exterior. These innovative residential pizza ovens for sale feature a traditional center vent system where hot air exhausted from the oven is routed back over the oven dome and then vented through a stainless-steel chimney pipe in the center of the dome. This ventilation method evenly and efficiently heats the oven dome and maintains the high temperatures required for baking Pizza Napoletana.

The Vesuvio is our signature home pizza oven and features an intricate, hand-tiled enclosure that will hold up in any climate. Made from our Casa home pizza oven core, these ovens feature fast heat up times and the best heat retention available in the industry. This helps you bake the perfect pizza, hearth bread, roasts, and grilled meats. The Vesuvio pizza ovens are available as gas and wood fired pizza ovens for outdoor kitchens. They are UL certified for indoor use as a wood fired pizza oven.

Flame Connection

Flame Connection