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Grill Cleaning

Expert Barbecue Cleaning Services by Flame Connection

Flame Connection’s expert staff will get your barbecue working properly with your choice of our basic operational service, or complete grill cleaning, to get it cooking like new! Our grill service ensures that your barbecue is running as best as it can.

Our basic operational service works to eliminate any blockages or debris from burners and valve components and make sure igniters are firing as they should. Our basic service fee starts at $170.00 plus any parts needed.

If you require a full cleaning, we will empty all the guts out of your grill, degrease the interior of your barbecue with a non-acid non-caustic degreaser, brush and grind cook grids, clean and polish the exterior, and includes our grill service described above. Our full cleaning fee starts at $450.

Book your professional grill cleaning/maintenance today! Prices may vary depending on the size, age, and condition. Parts are not included.

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