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Available in four sizes from 32” to 44” inches and three shapes, this beautiful Mediterranean, stucco-style oven is perfect for those who want an earthy-looking oven that can entertain as many as 100 people.


The Toscana is a fully assembled pizza oven featuring three (3) distinctive decorative styles, each with a true brick arch and oven landing. These designs include (1) a Mediterranean Igloo (or dome), (2) a Gabled Roof, or (3) Hipped Roof. All three Toscana oven styles are done with a beautiful painted stucco finish and are available in seven standard colors, as well as custom options.

The Toscana is a mid to large-sized home pizza oven for sale, made from our Casa home pizza oven kit. These ovens feature fast heat up times and the best heat retention available in the industry. This helps you bake the perfect pizza, hearth bread, roasts, and grilled meats.

The Toscana pizza ovens are available as gas and wood fired pizza ovens for outdoor kitchens. They are UL certified for indoor use as a wood fired pizza oven.

Flame Connection

Flame Connection