Foldable BBQ Spatula, Tongs and Fork Set

  • It would be an absolute sin if we didn’t have a Folding BBQ Spatula to partner the Folding BBQ Tongs and Folding Fork!
  • These three items are THE most popular tools used by a seasoned BBQ Chef – bar none!
  • And you certainly can’t picnic or camp without them!
  • So everyone here it is!!
  • 2.0mm Thickness heavy duty gauge stainless steel
  • Spatula has a serrated edge & Built-in bottle opener to keep ya hydrated
  • Fold up design ensures easy storage – Perfect for camping or small BBQ storage areas where you need to save space!
  • Easy lock & release mechanism ensures the position whether open or closed
  • User-friendly hanging loop to keep them out of the way
  • Be the Coolest Roaming BBQ Chef this side of the grill!
Flame Connection

Flame Connection