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864 Collection

The 864 Collection is comprised of five large sized models featuring 864 square inches of glass. The size and heating capacities of these fireplaces are ideal for providing warmth to living rooms and other large spaces in the home. This collection includes the only see-thru model in our lineup, along with four models that have brand new features, such as Ember-Glo ™, adjustable overhead Accent Lights, your choice of 10-piece Birch or Classic Oak Log Sets, and the CoolSmart TV Wall ™ option.


864 TRV31k Deluxe

864 square inches of glass is featured to display a bold, beautiful fire. Top or rear venting (TRV) makes installations flexible and is compatible with our CoolSmart TV Wall ™ option, which keeps TV clearances safe and attractive. This model also features new Ember-Glo ™ under-lit ember bed lighting.


864 TRV 31K Clean Face Deluxe

This model is identical to the 864 TRV 31K, but features a “clean face” look without grills or facing.


864 TV 40K Deluxe

This fireplace has the huge 864 square inch glass panel and delivers a big fire with a high heat output. This top vent fireplace can also be installed with a CoolSmart TV Wall ™ option and features new Ember-Glo ™ under-lit ember bed lighting.


864 TV 40K Clean Face Deluxe

This model is the “clean face” version of the 864 TV 40K, offering a look that resembles a traditional masonry fireplace and allows tile or other non-combustible finishes to be installed close to the glass.


864 TSV See-Thru

Designed to be enjoyed from two different rooms at once, the double fireview features 1,728 square inches of glass to showcase a beautiful fire in both rooms.

Flame Connection

Flame Connection