Digital BBQ Tongs

  • As you turn the meat cooking on the BBQ the built-in meat thermometer probe pierces the meat, reads the temperature and displays it on the digital screen in the handle to tell you when the meat is done to your liking! Just like a built-in steak gauge! When your meat is cooked to your liking (as selected), the alarm will sound and the display will flash – perfect!
  • A perfect gift for the barbeque enthusiast who “has everything”!
    These can be used just as well in the kitchen to check if the meat is cooked – great for steaks, chicken, fish – everything!
  • Audible alarm … it beeps and flashes at you when the meat has reach the correct inside temperature – THIS is when you know meat is ready to eat.
  • 7 Preset meat types – select the type & the doneness you want & that’s it!
  • 5 second quick response time
  • Temperature range: 32 °F ~ 392 °F
  • Detachable LCD display for easy cleaning
  • Temperature is displayed in °F and °C – you select.
  • Using the digital display you select the type of meat for cooking, then how you would like the meat cooked (medium-rare, medioum, well done, etc).
  • Also has a backlit display is perfect for night grilling!
  • Through exhaustive testing (& eating & of course the odd beverage to stay hydrated) in the Man Law Test Lab, the Head Griller has determined that Kangaroo steaks cooked to an internal temperature of 65*C are medium, and Kangaroo steaks cooked to an internal temperature of 71*C are well done. This information has been released for inclusion into the sacred scrolls.
Flame Connection

Flame Connection